Air Conditioning Contractor

Service Contract

Residential Service Contract
contract provides service year-round catering to all your heating,
ventilation and air conditioning needs for one low annual fee.
Quarterly Inspection
Boiler, Air Conditioner & Refrigerator
24-Hour Service Call
Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring!
Package Details
Boiler Service
  • Drain boiler to prevent
    corrosion and clog return
  •  Inspect electrical
    components for burnt wires, loose connection and corrosion
    Check all pipes & connections for water leaks
  • Add oil to circulating pump to
    prevent pump failure
  • Change thermo coupling

Air Conditioner Service

  • Wash Condenser
  • Clean Evaporator
  • Inspect electrical components
  • Replace air filter
  • Check Refrigerant pressure (add
    up to 2 oz if needed)
  • Flush condensate line to prevent water overflow
Refrigeration Service
  • Clean condenser
  • Inspect Controls & defrost heater
  • Flush condensate line
$350 per year